3D Hubs Announces Logistics Centers

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3D Hubs Announces Logistics Centers
Sheet metal part produced through 3D Hubs’ network [Source: 3D Hubs]

3D Hubs announced the creation of not one, but two new logistics centers located in the USA and Europe.

The two centers will be located in Chicago, 3D Hubs’ North American HQ, and Amsterdam, the site of the company’s HQ in Europe.

3D Hubs Background

3D Hubs is an interesting company that operates as a manufacturing network. Years ago they began as an informal network for idle desktop 3D printers, but in recent years have expanded operations and fully shifted to the professional market. Participants are now fully-fledged professional manufacturers rather than hobbyists, and this has allowed the company to attract more profitable business.

At the core, however, 3D Hubs remains the same: connecting those who want parts produced with those who can make them. And today they offer a lot more than just 3D printing services.

Participants in 3D Hubs’ network who produce parts for others can be located anywhere, and for many it’s simply the cost of production that matters instead of its locale of production. This means that produced parts may be shipped to a client from potentially anywhere.

While that normally works well, the pandemic has wreaked havoc with traditional supply chains. It’s now not uncommon to see significant delays in shipments for a variety of reasons, and that’s definitely not good for any operation using a just-in-time approach.

The current conditions have shifted priorities for many companies that now seek supply chains that are resilient, reliable and flexible in addition to being low cost. 3D Hubs and similar manufacturing networks have offered this flexibility and thus many of them are seeing a boom in business.

3D Hubs Logistics Centers

But what about the reliable part? That’s what 3D Hubs’ latest announcement is all about. These two new logistics centers will perform some important functions reliably and efficiently. Filemon Schoffer, Co-Founder and COO of 3D Hubs, explains:

“This week, we announced the opening of 2 new logistics centers in Chicago and Amsterdam. These central hubs will streamline customs clearance and conduct additional quality inspections for all manufactured parts imported into the US and EU.

This is a major step for us in streamlining the experience from a globally distributed manufacturing network.”

3D Hubs CEO Bram de Swart said:

“For a long time, companies have sought to outsource their manufacturing overseas, but this has come with the risk of customs delays and inconsistent quality.

This year we decided to solve this industry challenge once and for all. By opening these new warehouses, 3D Hubs grants engineers and supply chain managers truly reliable access to overseas manufacturing.”

3D Hubs Client Strategy

This is a really interesting move, as it could provide some additional assurance for skeptical prospects, as the sometimes confusing work to import parts can be complex and confusing for those doing so for the first time. However, with the knowledge that there will be a service to do this routinely, prospects may be more likely to give 3D Hubs a try.

And if they do so, they just might stick around as long-term 3D Hubs clients.

The additional quality inspections is a feature that will offer similar benefits to 3D Hubs clients.

One of my rules-of-thumb is that if you want something to happen, you remove as many barriers as possible. That seems to be what 3D Hubs is doing here: removing more barriers to using their service.

Via 3D Hubs

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