Health and Safety of Fabs

The UK government’s Health and Safety Executive has issued a brief report on “Rapid Manufacturing”, in which they predict there could be 100,000 rapid manufacturing devices in use by 2010. In the longer term, the development of equipment and materials enabling the fabrication of products in the home via desktop “fabbers”3 and ultimately perhaps, Molecular… Continue reading Health and Safety of Fabs

$4995 For a Desktop Fab?

DesktopFactory is now taking reservations for its new 125ci 3D Printer. That’s right – it’s not actually available now, but you can reserve one of the first 1000 devices for only USD$495. This device could be the first real desktop consumer-oriented fab. The highlights include:   Inexpensive. Well, as compared to other fabs. We don’t… Continue reading $4995 For a Desktop Fab?

ThingLab Video Demonstration

This ThingLab video demonstrates Z Corporation’s Zprinter 450. While this particular device is probably more than the average consumer can deal with (especially cost-wise, do you have $25,000 to spare?), the video does provide a good visual overview of the fabbing process. As you can clearly see, there are a few messy steps that the… Continue reading ThingLab Video Demonstration

Gartner Predicts Widespread Fabbing

Jackie Fenn, Gartner’s Emerging Trends analyst, predicted widespread use of desktop manufacturing tools within several years. While the prices of personal fabbing equipment today are still out of reach of most consumers, it is expected that prices will continue to drop. With new equipment poised for release at USD$5000 per unit, this may be already… Continue reading Gartner Predicts Widespread Fabbing

Building Sized Fabbing

This video demonstrates a hypothetical building-sized fab, “printing” an entire building!

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Building Puzzles with your Fab

George Miller, owner of Puzzle Palace, uses a Dimension BST 3D printer to develop the most amazing three-dimensional puzzles. The multicolored head pictured here can be disassembled and reassembled. Via Product Design & Development

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Sweet Architecture Designs

Sweet Onion Creations has announced a service for architects and engineers where 3D model can be submitted for 3D production. The service seems to be geared for models of “Anything from a private home to entire city layouts”. SOC’s approach is to target the architectural niche, while other 3D printing services address more general needs.… Continue reading Sweet Architecture Designs

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