About That Hype Cycle

Gartner has once again re-issued their 3D Printing Hype Cycle and it‚Äôs fascinating to see how things have progressed. 

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For 3D Printing ‚ÄúEarly Adopters Have Big Advantage‚ÄĚ

In a recently released report by technology research company Gartner, experts have concluded that companies who adopt 3D printing early will see major advantages over those who don’t.   According to Pete Basiliere, research director at Gartner, “Businesses must continuously monitor advances to identify where improvements can be leveraged.”   Read More at ENGINEERING.com

3D Printing Tops Gartner’s List

Every year Gartner, one of the leading technology analyst firms, produces what they call “The Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies”. It’s a chart plotting the position of various technologies on the Hype Cycle curve.    The Hype Cycle is a theory proposing that technologies follow a series of stages in their lifecycle: Technology Trigger (the… Continue reading 3D Printing Tops Gartner’s List

Gartner’s Jackie Fenn on 3D Printing

Fabbaloo interviewed Gartner Analyst Jackie Fenn, VP and Gartner Fellow covering Emerging Trends. Jackie writes on a variety of new technologies and approaches, one of which has been 3D printing.    Jackie is the originator of Gartner’s famous Hype Cycle, which proposes that every technology follows a consistent pattern of interest through its lifecycle. Jackie’s… Continue reading Gartner’s Jackie Fenn on 3D Printing

3D Printers Should Not Be Banned

Last week we posted our thoughts on Gartner’s Nick Jones’ article suggesting that 3D printers might be banned in the future as they might overflow our streets with discarded plastic items. We don’t think the world will look like a McDonalds Happy Meal Toy graveyard anytime soon, and apparently neither does anyone else, either. Followup… Continue reading 3D Printers Should Not Be Banned

Gartner Predicts 3D Printing Future

Each year Gartner, a leading IT research firm, posts a list of technologies they feel that will dramatically affect business over the next decade. This year’s list includes Web2.0, Service-Oriented Architecture and Virtual Worlds, which are all expected to have near-term impact. Meanwhile, RFID, Surface Computing, Augmented Reality, Mobile Robots and our favorite topic, 3D… Continue reading Gartner Predicts 3D Printing Future

3D Printer Found in Department Store!

Yes, this is real! A Make Magazine reader posted pictures and description of this Dimension printer found at Toronto’s Umbra Concept Store. Evidently visitors can drop by to see the printer creating objects for Umbra’s designers – who are occasionally present to answer questions. I’m not sure how successful this concept would be for drop-in… Continue reading 3D Printer Found in Department Store!

Gartner Predicts Widespread Fabbing

Jackie Fenn, Gartner’s Emerging Trends analyst, predicted widespread use of desktop manufacturing tools within several years. While the prices of personal fabbing equipment today are still out of reach of most consumers, it is expected that prices will continue to drop. With new equipment poised for release at USD$5000 per unit, this may be already… Continue reading Gartner Predicts Widespread Fabbing