3D Printing Market Still Growing

You might have noticed a slight financial crisis around you in recent months, but in spite of that, the 3D printing universe is still expanding, at least according to research done by nextgen. In their recent report, “3D Printing” on “Rapid Prototyping/Additive Fabrication/Solid Imaging via Stereolithography, Fused Deposition Modeling, Selective Laser Sintering and Inkjet Technologies”… Continue reading 3D Printing Market Still Growing

Stratasys Leading

A press release from Stratasys, makers of the popular Dimension series of 3D Printers, seems to indicate they lead the pack of manufacturers. The release. Evidently the Minnesota-based company is now producing more than half of the 3D printers being made today (53 percent, according to a report from Wohler’s, available here.) Other highlights:  … Continue reading Stratasys Leading

Health and Safety of Fabs

The UK government’s Health and Safety Executive has issued a brief report on “Rapid Manufacturing”, in which they predict there could be 100,000 rapid manufacturing devices in use by 2010. In the longer term, the development of equipment and materials enabling the fabrication of products in the home via desktop “fabbers”3 and ultimately perhaps, Molecular… Continue reading Health and Safety of Fabs