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Print That Chopper!

Stratasys's service division, RedEye RPM produced a rather eye-catching surprise at the recent Autodesk University conference in Las Vegas. Yes, it was a complete, life-size custom designed motorcycle made entirely from parts produced on a 3D printer. According to their press release:

The prototype chopper included many fully functional parts, including: articulating steering, illuminating headlights, and rotating wheels, demonstrating how the FDM process can give designers the functionality they look for in quality production parts. Built using ABS M30 high–strength, production-grade thermoplastic, the chopper components were tough enough to suspend the bike from two stories above. Furthermore, the chopper's exterior vibrantly displayed the designer's true vision of color for each part.

We suspect no one drove this particular vehicle home, but the point really is that large complex objects can indeed be produce with 3D print technology. If you can print christmas ornaments, why not vehicles?

Via RedEyeOnDemand, more pictures here and here.

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