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Alternative to TechShop?


TechShop is a very popular service for skilled manufacturing hobbyists who just don't have the space or funds to own their own 21st century fabbing equipment. TechShop addresses their needs by planting multiple well-equipped shops in various cities. But are they the only option? Fabbaloo has identified a potential competitor: eMachineShop. 
Well, not exactly. TechShop requires you (or your agent) to show up at a TechShop facility and operate the equipment. eMachineShop has a slightly different approach that is more in line with conventional 3D printing services: use their custom software to develop a model, upload it to eMachineShop and let their professional technicians operate the equipment. 
Custom software permits some interesting features: Ability to accommodate many 3D model formats; Instant and accurate pricing; Integrated ordering; Provide "comments to the machinist" for special instructions.
eMachineShop is definitely not a consumer option, and is focused on serious hobbyists and any manufacturing operation that would normally make use of a machine shop. 
One negative: eMachineShop's custom software is Windows only. 


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