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Motley Fool Questions Stratasys

Motely Fool, a popular financial analysis site, recently examined Stratasys's quarterly results, which showed a drop in the number of units shipped from the previous year - but also showed higher revenue.

Stratasys explains this by suggesting they are moving to a higher-end model, where the 3D printers offer more features - at a higher price. Thus fewer sales, but more revenue.

Motley Fool counters by suggesting that a large component of Stratasys's revenue is in fact due to sales of consumable media. They feel that by having fewer units in play, Stratasys may compromise their consumable business.

What do we think? We don't know - because it depends entirely on the volume of printing done on those high-end units. They may print a lot more per unit than the low-end devices. On the other hand, if you need a lot of consumables, you probably will want to receive a volume discount. There are too many unknowns in this equation for us to comment. Nevertheless, we are certain that Stratasys is well aware of this situation and is analyzing it carefully.

Via Motley Fool

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