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The World's Largest Parts Service?

We received notification that 3D Systems, makers of various manufacturing devices, including the V-Flash and ProJet series of 3D printers and most recently acquirers of Desktop Factory, have done it again. From their press release, 3D Systems:

… announced today that it acquired the assets of Acu-Cast Technologies, a leading provider of rapid prototyping and manufacturing services that offers precision parts made on a wide range of traditional and additive manufacturing systems and a variety of finishing, molding and casting capabilities.

and that's not all:

Concurrently, 3D Systems announced the launch of 3Dproparts™, the world’s largest Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing parts service. The company expects its 3Dproparts™ service to bring together the widest range of production and additive grade materials and the latest additive and traditional manufacturing systems to enable 3D Systems to deliver to its customers the broadest available range of precision plastic and metal parts and assemblies.

So with that 3D Systems instantly becomes a rather huge service provider. 3Dproparts claims "Single source all your design to manufacturing needs", "Instant Quote same day shipping" and "Extra-large high-definition single piece parts - up to 150cm" and "Access the latest solutions and technology".

We're wondering what 3D Systems had for breakfast, because we want some too. With these two additions and the service announcement, 3D Systems seems to be addressing the product, service and consumer areas simultaneously. Somehow we think this isn't the last time we'll be writing about 3D Systems.

Via 3D Systems (Hat tip to Katharina)

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