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Forty-eight different kinds of digital materials, that is. They’ve just announced a eighteen more materials to add to their ever-increasing set. From their press release:

The pack provides 3D printing users with 18 new materials comprised of combinations of VeroWhite and TangoPlus or TangoBlack Plus, the latest addition to the Tango Family. The new materials encompass the full SHORE A hardness scale (from 27 to 95) characterizing a wide range of rubber/elastomer based products. With these materials, Connex users can print parts, such as wires and cables, grips and handles, plugs and connections, shock absorbers, function buttons, gaskets and seals, among other rubber applications.

The latest release includes TangoBlackPlus, a simulated rubber material:

Black in color, it reduces the time required to create models of such items as products in the automotive market, defense industry and shoes, which designers previously painted black after printing. Like other Tango materials, it will also aid the development of soft-touch grips, handles, gaskets and seals, among other items.

We’re totally impressed with the tremendous variety of materials now available from Objet, and this is especially important because of Objet’s Polyjet technology. It permits their devices to print using more than one material at a time. However, we’re hoping for a printer that accommodates all forty-eight at once. Right.

Via Objet (Hat tip to Shimrit)

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