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Material of the Year!


Last month blog Material ConneXion announcement the winners in their new MEDIUM Award for Material of the Year. This is the first annual presentation of this award, and it was given to Concrete Canvas's Concrete Cloth material. This innovative material mixes fabric with concrete that "allows it to be quickly and easily molded and set into shapes" when you add water. That's the cloth in the image here. Very cool indeed!


But what does this have to do with 3D printing?

Among the eleven Honorable Mentions for the award was Objet Geometries, manufacturers of the Eden, Alaris30 and Connex printer families. Specifically the award was directed to Objet's PolyJet tech, which permits multiple materials to be jetted during the printing process. We believe this is the only commercially marketed technology to do so.

You'll be able to see all twelve award winners at a special exhibition in January-February 2010 in New York City.

Via Material ConneXion and Objet (Hat tip to Rachel)
Image credit: Material ConneXion

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