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ULTEMate Material?

RedEye on Demand, one of the larger-sized 3D print services now offers a new printing material: ULTEM. What is it? We believe it to be the "superman" of materials, offering "a variety of exceptional thermoplastic properties", according to RedEye's specs. Does it leap over tall buildings or save cats from trees? Not yet, but here's what it does offer:
  • V-Ø rating for flame, smoke & toxicity (FST)
  • Full FST compliance including OSU heat release of less than 55/55, or 55 kw min/m2 for heat release and 55 kw/m2 for peak heat release.
  • High heat deflection temperature (320° F / 160° C)
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Durable enough to handle some flexing
  • Flight & other certifications in aerospace industry
They said they were exceptional characteristics, and they are correct. These properties are so beyond typical materials that it now becomes clear that parts made with ULTEM could be used in a very wide spectrum of applications. If the prints were economical, we'd see this stuff in lots of objects. As prints are probably more expensive than conventional manufacturing for common consumer parts, we'll no doubt see this amazing and expensive material present in high-cost environments, such as aerospace.

It's a great step, RedEye!

Via RedEye on Demand

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