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Are 3D Skills Mandatory?

Fabbaloo readers are likely quite familiar with 3D concepts, including the idea of a digital representation of an object stored as a model, printing of objects from those models and perhaps even 3D virtual reality. But beyond those directly involved in the space, who needs to understand 3D concepts?

According to Bill Williams, Career Focused Education consultant for Oakland Schools in Michigan:

No matter what field students choose to study, at some point in their career almost everyone will need to be familiar with 3D modeling software. Engineers, doctors, fashion designers, packaging engineers, architects – all these career paths rely upon sophisticated computer programs to create their products and plan their processes.

Could this be true? What happens in a world where 3D printing is as available as the nearest Kinko's3D? Today we find many children using Google Sketchup and apparently there are more people using 3D virtual worlds today than there were people using the Internet in 1994. Perhaps 3D skills are indeed heading towards a mandatory future? What do you think?

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