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Chicago: A Modeled City

The Chicago Architecture Foundation is presenting "Chicago Model City" from now until November of this year. It's a gigantic and highly detailed three-dimensional model of the windy city's downtown towers. Note the relative size of the individuals in the image above.

City models are not a new phenomenon - but in the past their construction involved dozens, perhaps hundreds of craftsmen toiling over teeny building parts for years. The results were impressive, but Chicago's approach was quite different. Due to budget difficulties, they were led towards 3D Printing, and that's how the buildings were made, more quickly and with less expense.

The results are amazing: 1000 buildings, 400 blocks of downtown Chicago, home of many of the world's most amazing skyscrapers. The scene will be illuminated just as the actual city is by our sun. Check out this video with scenes from the exhibit.

Via Chicago Architecture Foundation and Chicago Sun-Times

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