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Objet is Certified

Objet Geometries, makers of the powerful Alaris, Eden and Connex lines of commercial 3D printers just announced they've managed to receive ISO 13485:2003 certification. This certification means Objet is now able to deliver various types of 3D printing equipment into a wide variety of medical roles. We've seen Objet dabble in dental before but this certification means they can go much, much farther. 
The certification itself implies Objet is able to meet stringent quality measurements on their production, delivery and maintenance services, obviously important for most medical applications. 
We're not aware that other 3D printer manufacturers have received similar certifications, so Objet may have the jump on the pack. We think this is a huge area of opportunity for Objet (and other 3D printer manufacturers), since 1) medical applications frequently involve individualized services, which is exactly what 3D printers provide, and 2) medical applications are typically expensive, meaning there could be a big payoff for Objet here. 
Aside from dentistry, we're wondering what other medical applications Objet might pursue? Replacement bones? Support systems? Body enhancements? Celebrity-imitating plastic surgery moulds? The mind reels. 
Image credit: 44/365: Does this dental dam make me look fat? (Betsssssy) / CC BY 3.0

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