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The MetraSCAN 3D Scanner

Creaform just announced a brand new ultra-high-end handheld 3D scanner, the MetraSCAN. This totally amazing 2Kg device can scan 3D objects up to 10m in size to an astounding resolution of only 0.05mm, at a rate of 36,000 measurements per second!
One of the key advantages of this device is that it's completely handheld, as opposed to heavier competing units that require an associated articulating arm. The device can automatically "lock" the coordinate system onto the scanned object, allowing the human operator to easily scan by hand. Amazing! 
While the cost of this item is quite expensive, we think it is absolutely the coolest looking hardware in all the 3D space today. Can you imagine walking around with one of these puppies on your hand? Maybe on BOTH hands?!
Via Creaform (Hat tip to Philipe) 

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