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Stratasys Results for 2009

We like to follow Stratasys's financial press releases, because they tell us a little bit about the current state of the commercial 3D printer market. In the past we've seen a slight downturn in activity at Stratasys, mainly due to the rather significant economic collapse in the US and elsewhere. In spite of those bad conditions, Stratasys survived fairly well, unlike many other companies. But what's happening now?
In 2009 their revenues were down by 21% from 2008 results; their income was down 70% and their units sold was down only 12%. This may sound bad, but it's actually pretty good considering the conditions - and the best news is that they've been quite profitable in the fourth quarter of 2009. They've clearly been doing some work on their efficiency during 2009. This suggests they'll carry on that profitability into 2010 and perhaps increase it as the economy slowly recovers.
Via MarketWatch

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