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Materialise Replicates King Tut!

The Discovery Times Square Exposition in New York City has a unique addition to its display of Tutankhamen artifacts: King Tutankhamen himself! Or at least a very precise replica of his mummy. 
Artist Gary Staab was commissioned to prepare the replica, and he turned to 3D service Materialise for assistance. Using their sophisticated Mimics 3D modelling software, Materialise managed to convert a 3D CT scans of the actual mummy into a printable 3D model. 
The model was then printed on one of Materialise's "mammoth" stereolithography printers. After trimming off the support material, artist Gary Staab received the model and went to work developing color and texture to precisely match the true mummy's appearance. Paint and other materials gradually were added to the originally monochrome model, eventually making it extremely realistic. Be sure to watch the video, which takes you through the entire process. 
Via Materialise (Hat tip to Griet)

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