Images From DHUB

There’s a fascinating exhibition taking place at the Disseny Hub in Barcelona, also known as “DHUB”. From the exhibition’s description:
FABRICATION LABORATORY consists of not one but a series of activities (exhibitions, real-time fabrication laboratories, workshops, lectures, etc.) that offer a comprehensive overview of 3D digital manufacturing technologies.
Flickr user LaN_Luis has published a series of images of some very fascinating objects. Here’s our favourites from this exhibition that runs until September (click for larger images):
A strange landscape.
Segment of a networked material.
Rather pourous vases. 
An unusual chair. How long could you sit comfortably in this? 
An unborn child. 
The message we’re seeing with these amazing exhibits is simple: anything, be it from a scanned digital source, a mathematical algorithm or pure imagination can be made real. 
Long live creativity!
Via Flickr
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