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A Very Solido Blog

There are many personal blogs detailing adventures with one's MakerBot or RepRap, but what about a personal Solido SD300 3D printer? That's exactly what Scott Elliot does on his blog. The SD300 uses dry PVC sheets as its build material, fusing them together layer by layer. However:
Since the SD300 builds models inside a solid block, the act of peeling away support material often gives a surreal sensation as a solid shape emerges. 
Scott acquired an SD300 printer and installed it (at least for a while) in his living room. The blog shows the results of his experiments on this unusual 3D printer, including printing the unique calibration parts - which are foldable! 
Scott describes the process of cleaning the device, usage of consumables and fit/finish of various experimental objects. Some of the objects printed are very challenging as they involve moving parts or must fit together precisely.
Different print technology results in different discoveries; we encourage all to read Scott's interesting blog. 

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