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Printed Meats!

Following up on last week's post regarding the amazing feats of the Cornell Computational Synthesis Lab's work on Food Printing, this week they have more spectacular announcements. They've been working with the French Culinary Institute to produce what is perhaps the most advanced forms of printed food yet. 
In this example they've managed to produce a cookie with an embedded "C" (click for larger image). The "C" is made of chocolate dough - illustrating the critical importance of printing multiple materials, er ingredients, by a printer. The team is using a Fab@Home Model 2 for these culinary experiments. 
That was not all. The team then went on to attempt the impossible: 3D Printed Meats! In the image above, they've printed a shape with scallops. (Presumably the scallops have been diced into uniform bits suitable for extrusion.) The shapes were subsequently deep-fried and no doubt eaten. Scallop Shuttle?
Finally, the ultimate: 3D Printed Turkey. Again, the turkey has been reduced to an extrudable form and then formed into the shapes above. These shapes are not as imaginative as the Scallop Shuttle, but then, It's Real Turkey! 
Can we print a SPAM cube? Yum!
Via Fab@Home (PDF) (Hat tip to Jeffrey)

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