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Is it a Laser Cutter? Or a 3D Printer? Or Both!

What do you get when you take a normal laser cutter and bolt on some RepRap componentry? You get a Hybrid Laser Cutter/3D Printer called a Chimera. has put together a new project to do just this, and it actually works. They have plans to expand the project by adding various interesting and dangerous additional attachments to the laser cutter, such as dremels, a tangential knife cutter and a pen. Ok, the pen isn't *that* dangerous. 
Here's the best part: the price of this mod is only USD$200, possibly the cheapest way to produce a 3D printer. Assuming you have a handy laser cutter you'd consider surgically altering.   
Via BuildLog (Hat tip to Bart)

The Future Collision of 3D Printer Manufacturers

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