AM Lasers Will Never Be The Same

3DM’s unique approach to polymer L-PBF 3D printing enables users to adapt the laser’s frequency to each and every material, promising faster, higher quality parts.

Ancient 3D Printer Converted Into a Laser Engraver

Some months ago we proposed a list of things you could do with your now-expired ancient personal 3D printers. We said you could   upgrade them; use them for simple prints; donate them; toss them out; or make them into a museum piece. At the time we considered museuming as the best option for our… Continue reading Ancient 3D Printer Converted Into a Laser Engraver

Homemade Stereo Lithography

Maker Rob Hopeless developed a primitive stereo lithography 3D printer. For those unfamiliar with “SLA”, it’s a 3D printing technique involving shooting a laser beam at a vat of liquid plastic resin and gradually solidifying that resin into the desired solid object. While most hobbyists attempt to make thermal plastic extruder-based 3D printers, Rob attempted… Continue reading Homemade Stereo Lithography