Bespoke Makes Legs – Beautiful Legs

Bespoke Makes Legs – Beautiful Legs We’ve been waiting for something just like this: a startup company that takes full advantage of 3D printing technology to mass personalize an item for everyone. In the case of Bespoke Innovations, they supply one-of-a-kind prosthetics for individuals by leveraging 3D print technology from 3D Systems with an artistic flair: 
The Bespoke process is about personalization, and the fairing is as unique as a a fingerprint. The result is born from the form, shape and sense of style of the individual. Every detail, from the patterns, the graphics, the material a tattoo – is a selection of the person who will wear it. 
In a single hour they can capture essential measurements that permit them to create astonishing prosthetics for “almost any below-the-knee amputee”. Let’s be clear: they are not simply making legs. These are works of art with complex patterns embedded in the surface. One can imagine an amputee having a selection of leg artwork used for different social situations, much as one might change shoes. It’s fashion!
The approach seems to involve scanning the surviving leg and reversing the polarity in a 3D modelling environment. Then the artistic fun begins as they apply patterns and textures to the scanned surface. The resulting “fairing” fits overtop the underlying support structure and is modular to allow replacement. 
Will this be successful? We hope so, and it sounds like they already have a waiting list. 
Via BeSpoke Innovations and the New York Times (Hat tip to Cathy)
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