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LMN Tech Studio Reviews Objet Alaris

Seattle-based LMN Tech Studio recently received a new Objet Alaris 30 3D Printer, and they've written up an extensive report on their experience with the device. Here's the highlights: 
  • They're impressed with the build quality, resolution and smoothness of the printed objects
  • They like the "lack of mess" and ease of use over comparable commercial 3D printers from other manufacturers
  • The printer's maintenance regime is easy to learn and perform
  • While billed as a "desktop" machine, it's really not suitable for an office due to the hot, aromatic plastic fragrance and moderately noisy machine movement sounds exuding from the device during lengthy print operations
  • Builds are indeed lengthy, and LMN often runs them overnight. This is typical for complex builds for most commercial 3D printers, however
  • LMN Tech Studio had some issues with the supplied software (Windows XP only, no 64-bit, minimal function only, had to be supplemented with other tools, etc.)
All in all, they say they are "very happy" with the printer. 

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