2015: The Year of 3D Printing Corrections

We’ve been writing about 3D printing for over eight years now, and 2015 may have been the most tumultuous and amazing year yet seen. Let’s look at what happened. 

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PC MAG Reviews The Cube

This is interesting: a mainstream magazine has reviewed 3D Systems’s introductory personal 3D printer, The Cube. Treating The Cube as “just another consumer product” seems to be hitting a milestone of sorts.    But what did PC MAG say about The Cube? Their “Bottom Line”:   Although the Cube 3D Printer doesn’t provide the hassle-free… Continue reading PC MAG Reviews The Cube

Top Posts of 2012

It’s always fascinating to learn which posts were the most frequently read among the hundreds we posted during the past year. They’re typically not necessarily the top stories, but nevertheless they provide some insight into readers’ interests.   MCOR To Offer 3D Printing At Staples To abruptly retract our earlier statement, this most frequently read… Continue reading Top Posts of 2012

A Year in Review: Top Ten Stories in 3D Printing

2012 has been an exciting year in the 3D printing world and we’re excited to share with you the top ten stories.    Staples launching “Staples Easy 3D” in 2013 In partnership with Mcor Technologies, Staples will be offering a new service to their customers enabling them to upload their designs and pick up their… Continue reading A Year in Review: Top Ten Stories in 3D Printing

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MAKE Makes a MakerGear

There are two kinds of personal 3D printer owners these days: those who like to build the printer from a kit and those who’d rather pay more for an assembled version.     If you’re one of the former, you’ll be interested to know that MAKE Magazine is running a series of detailed posts describing… Continue reading MAKE Makes a MakerGear

Hands On With The BFB 3000: Unboxing and Setup

Fabbaloo Labs has obtained a brand-new, two-headed BFB 3000 3D printer for detailed experimentation and evaluation. We’ll talk about our unboxing and setup experience in this post, while upcoming posts will focus on the 3000’s operation and software.    The BFB 3000 ships in a rather large 38kg box. It’s large for one obvious reason:… Continue reading Hands On With The BFB 3000: Unboxing and Setup

LMN Tech Studio Reviews Objet Alaris

Seattle-based LMN Tech Studio recently received a new Objet Alaris 30 3D Printer, and they’ve written up an extensive report on their experience with the device. Here’s the highlights:    They’re impressed with the build quality, resolution and smoothness of the printed objects They like the “lack of mess” and ease of use over comparable… Continue reading LMN Tech Studio Reviews Objet Alaris

3D Printer Reviews for 2008

Our friends at RapidToday files hardware reports direct from users of several new (and some beta) 3D printers. Included in their report are: iPro 9000 – Is said to be much more reliable than the previous Viper Pro systems, but still has issues in the control interface. ZPrinter 650 – Has new features, but is… Continue reading 3D Printer Reviews for 2008

3D Printers Reviewed

Tim Pickup reviews several 3D printers in a recent post. Included: Prodigy Plus ZCorp 310 Plus ZCorp 450 ZCorp Z510 RepRap [email protected] Desktop Factory V-Flash Tim’s conclusion: ZCorp Z510, based on object quality, speed and media cost. Evidently many 3D print service operations have come to the same conclusion, as we seem to bump into… Continue reading 3D Printers Reviewed

Car Artists Meet 3D Artists

The guys at Local Motors are definitely not the same as those you’d find at your neighborhood garage. They are a full on “vehicle design studio”, and as you might imagine, they make use of 3D printing tech. This time they’ve taken a road trip to visit the wildly artistic “Design and the Elastic Mind”… Continue reading Car Artists Meet 3D Artists

LandPrint Review

A while ago we introduced Landprint, a very interesting service that permits anyone to print a 3D model of a selected landscape.Using the service, you can print out a 3D map of your favorite vacation spot or neighborhood. Now we find the service discovered by the Geo-community in the form of EarthIsSquare, a site dedicated… Continue reading LandPrint Review

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