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3D Printing Featured On Science Friday

Science Friday's Flora Lichtman visits 3D Printer designer Jim Smith and his extraordinary new device at his workshop. Erm, his living room. Now we finally understand why Jim decided to include a fume extractor on his printer! 
Jim explains in basic terms what a 3D printer does and how it works, pointing out the relevant features. Of interest to the reporter, however were safety concerns: the exposed ultra-hot print bed and not-so-nice ABS fumes. All said, it was a wonderful piece that hopefully will reach many people who still haven't heard of 3D printing. 
Jim predicts what might happen in the future:
I think the killer app might be food - food printing. You won't need to buy a microwave dinner, you'd print out your own dinner. 
We totally agree, but right now we have to zip out to the microwave... 
Via Science Friday and Grass Roots Engineering (Hat tip to Jim, of course)

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