The Trouble With 3D Printers

You’re so intensely interested in 3D printing that you bought yourself a 3D printer. Great! You can design and print objects right in your own home.    But then what? The problem then starts. The problem of renewal.    Yes, your 3D printer still produces objects for you on demand, but you’re now suddenly aware… Continue reading The Trouble With 3D Printers

Where’s My 3D Print Button? Part 2

Last week we lamented the current state of personal 3D printing workflow: difficult. It’s so difficult we believe many potential mainstream 3D printer owners would never be able to make their way through it. But what’s the answer? What should the experience look like for the majority of future 3D printer owners?    Let’s look… Continue reading Where’s My 3D Print Button? Part 2

3D Printing Featured On Science Friday

Science Friday’s Flora Lichtman visits 3D Printer designer Jim Smith and his extraordinary new device at his workshop. Erm, his living room. Now we finally understand why Jim decided to include a fume extractor on his printer!    Jim explains in basic terms what a 3D printer does and how it works, pointing out the… Continue reading 3D Printing Featured On Science Friday

Definitive Guide Complete?

Make Magazine has produced a complete list of open source hardware projects, ranging in categories from 3D Printing, Arduino, Clocks, Development Platforms, Green Energy, Games, Medical, Robotics and many other areas. The category of interest to us, is of course, 3D printing. There we find the major open projects listed: Contraptor Fab@Home MakerBeam MakerBot RepRap… Continue reading Definitive Guide Complete?


Tips flowed in this week regarding “Contraptor”, the webchild of Vitaly Mankevich and Riley Porter. According to their About: Contraptor is a DIY open source construction set for experimental personal fabrication, desktop manufacturing, prototyping and bootstrapping. Various Cartesian robots can be quickly assembled from Contraptor and used as a platform for projects such as XY… Continue reading Contraptor!

A Chameleon Tears Down Barriers

A1 Technologies, the folks who make the very inexpensive RapMan 3D printer and more recently an inexpensive 3D scanner, now produce an innovative 3D mouse system: the Chameleon 3D. The Chameleon 3D is actually an effective packaging of software and hardware from other developers. The hardware comes from Novint, whose very unusual Falcon haptic controller… Continue reading A Chameleon Tears Down Barriers