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Waiting For AMF

Some months ago (March actually) we wrote about a new file format for additive manufacturing that had been approved after long discussion: AMF, the Additive Manufacturing Format. 
This new format included a variety of key features to dramatically improve the information content found in 3D models. Meta data, materials, colors, textures and more were all included. 3D print operators began to drool all over. 
On June 17th of this year, AMF leader Prof. Hod Lipson announced:  
The AMF fomat has been officially approved by ASTM and will be published shortly as ASTM F2915. I have created a wikipedia entry describing key aspects. Please feel free to edit. 
But here we are several months later and as far as we can tell, there hasn't been moves by the 3D modeling tool makers to adopt AMF, even as a test. When they do we'll gain a huge step forward in the software side of the 3D printing equation. Perhaps these vendors have secret internal projects underway and we'll see the results of their work only later on. 
Does anyone know of AMF adoption by any tools yet? 

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