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The SUMPOD 3D Printer And Router

Time to look at another inexpensive 3D printer kit seeking funding. This one is called the SUMPOD and it's not just a 3D printer - it's a router as well. 
Designed by Richard Sum of the United Kingdom, the project now appears on IndieGoGo looking for USD$5,000 from sponsors until the close date of February 12. As is typical in this type of funding, sponsors can select from several levels ranging from a straight donation of USD$1 to a complete, fully assembled and painted (red, green, blue and white) SUMPOD for USD$1,000. 
What makes the SUMPOD unique? Here's what we noticed:
  • The machine's case is made of MDF, much stronger than typical wood or acrylic
  • Linear bearings and steel belts ensure smooth, reliable operation
  • An LCD panel displays useful statistics such as current temperature
  • A Dremel attachment permits "light routing"
We think this approach typifies what's needed going forward on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter: make your project very unique, otherwise it likely won't meet funding goals. Just putting together a basic 3D printer kit isn't going to cut it anymore. 

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