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3D Prints Hit The Apple Store

If it's in the Apple Store it's got to be good, right? That might be debated, but regardless Freshfiber has landed their custom-printed iPhone covers in US and Canadian Apple Stores. 
At this point only two models are offered (the "Weave" and the digital-like "Double Mesh"), but you can check out large quantities of alternative designs at Freshfiber's web site. There are as of this writing dozens of spectacular designs for not only iPhones but also cases for iPads, Galaxy Tabs, iPods and even Blackberrys. 
Some of the designs are totally abstract, while others incorporate realistic shapes, transforming your phone into say, an old-time camera or a boom-box. Prices for phone cases range from €35-40 (USD$46-52, while the much larger iPad cases range from €35-60 (USD$46-78). 
Beyond the beauty of the designs there is a major story here: a 3D printed item has now appeared in a major retailer. It won't be the last. 
Via FOC and Freshfiber

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