Design of the Week: Rollercoaster

This week’s selection is famed 3D print designer Janne Kyttänen’s 2006 piece, “Rollercoaster”.    It’s a stunningly beautiful fruit tray – which evidently holds up to nine oranges.     We like not only its visual attractiveness, but its simplicity and utility. You can indeed store oranges or perhaps other lesser fruit on said tray. However,… Continue reading Design of the Week: Rollercoaster

3D Prints Hit The Apple Store

If it’s in the Apple Store it’s got to be good, right? That might be debated, but regardless Freshfiber has landed their custom-printed iPhone covers in US and Canadian Apple Stores.    At this point only two models are offered (the “Weave” and the digital-like “Double Mesh”), but you can check out large quantities of… Continue reading 3D Prints Hit The Apple Store

Freedom of Creation: Absorbed!

We’ve written many times about the amazing 3D printed furniture and artwork produced by the design house Freedom of Creation, home of master designer Jyanne Kytannen. But today we learned that FOC, like many other 3D printing-related companies and services in recent weeks, has been acquired by industry giant 3D Systems.    It’s been getting… Continue reading Freedom of Creation: Absorbed!

Electric Light Shoe

Freedom of Creation is at it again – this time creating an astonishing 3D shoe for a Japanese marketing campaign. The project was quite complex, as one can see from the incredible detail in the shoe object. From the press release: After seeing the concept from StawberryFrog, Janne Kyttanen and Mads Thomsen conceived a microcosm… Continue reading Electric Light Shoe

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