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FOC Concept Store

Our friends at Freedom of Creation have long been experimenting with the idea of selling beautiful 3D printed objects, some of which we've featured in the past. Now they've gone one step beyond that by actually printing the store itself! Or at least part of it. 
They've produced a kind of wall unit composed of smaller 3D printed parts that are assembled into an attractive custom sales surface. According to Brian Garret, Product Designer at FOC: 
This year at EuroMold we've built our first Concept Store, the foundation for the retail concept is Freedom Of Creation's Macedonia Space divider complimented by a modular system of shelves in different configurations, creating a spectacular yet versatile product display for any location.
They've produced a video that shows how the unit is assembled and how it was used at this year's Euromold show. 
We think the result is quite attractive and very functional, but wonder about the price of and time to print all those pieces. Surely in the future applications like this will become commonplace, but for now the Concept Store would likely be appropriate only for companies that have very unique needs. 
Via YouTube and Flickr

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