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3D Print Spaceships From 2001: A Space Odyssey

It's one of our all-time favourite motion pictures, perhaps yours too. The 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey still feels "real" and "plausible", some 43 years after it was made and an even more astonishing ten years since the events in the film were to take place. 
But now you can relive your 2001 experience by 3D printing some of the spaceships from the film by downloading them from a repository dedicated to 2001. Models include:
  • The rotating space station (aside: Is "The Blue Danube" appropriate to play while printing this item, as opposed to Daft Punk?)
  • The Orion Spaceplane (Pictured)
  • Lunar Shuttle and Moonbus
  • The Jupiter-bound Interplanetary Ship Discovery (Or was it Saturn? The book and the movie differ on this)
  • The one-man space pod (always remember to bring your space helmet)
The files are stored in various formats, but 3DS seems most frequent. You'll have little trouble converting them to 3D printable STL with tools like MeshLab
Not included: The alien Monolith. Why not? Duh, think about it!

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