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Calling Makers: Emergency Dome Needed!

We wondered what Effalo's next project might be, and now we know for certain: It's a much larger geodesic dome, apparently to be used in a music video. Unfortunately, according to Michael Felix, principal of MakerFactory, they have less than two weeks to produce the dome and their extruder is broken! They've posted a series of work units to MakerFactory asking makers from around the world the produce the required parts for this project - and they'll pay you for them, typically about USD$1 per piece plus incidentals. 
The dome is larger, approximately six meters across and will require many hundreds of parts, so this is clearly a job for a group of makers. In all there are some 420 parts required, plus precision-cut wooden dowels if you're able to produce those, too. MakerFactory prefers local builders to keep shipping costs low, and that means Brooklyn, New York in this case. If you have an idle 3D printer and want to make some cash, check out the links below. 

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