Pirate3D’s Buccaneer Unboxed

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to receive your first 3D printer? YouTube video producer Eyeisman (Tom Rosato) has captured the experience for you when he opened up his first 3D printer, a Pirate3D Buccaneer. 

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Mazotta Checks out Robo3D

3D printing videographer Andrew Mazzotta took a swing by Robo3D’s San Diego offices to check out their operations. 

Ultimaker 2 Unboxing

Barnacules Nerdgasm documents his Ultimaker 2 unboxing experience. If you’re at all interested in acquiring Ultimaker’s latest personal 3D printer, you’ll want to watch this video. 

Unboxing a Type A Machine Series 1

Andrew Mazzotta from 3DHacker has released another video, this time of him unboxing the Series 1 personal 3D printer from Type A Machines. This printer is known for its relatively large build volume very high resolution.
The unit Mazzotta puts together is a pre-assembled version, otherwise the video would be a bit longer.

An Interview with Shapeways Bart Veldhuizen

Andrew Mazotta of 3D Hacker posted a video interview with Shapeways’ Bart Veldhuizen, recorded at Shapeways’ European headquarters in Eindhoven.    In the interview Mazotta goes through the basics, starting by examining the history of Shapeways. Veldhuizen, European Community Manager for Shapeways, has been with the company for five years and has witnessed the tremendous… Continue reading An Interview with Shapeways Bart Veldhuizen

3D Printing The Enterprise

There’s more 3D printed Star Trek with a view of this video by PC Magazine, who took on the task of 3D printing the Starship Enterprise on their 3D Systems Cube personal 3D printer.    It’s a time lapse video, obviously, as 3D printers simply are not fast. This shows one of the main challenges… Continue reading 3D Printing The Enterprise

Stratasys’s Finishing Secrets

Stratasys has released a video detailing some of their secret (well, maybe not so secret) finishing processes. The video shows various tumbling media machines that operate similar to rock polishing tumblers – an object is tossed around within a bath of rough media. Gradually the objects become smooth after a relatively short period in the… Continue reading Stratasys’s Finishing Secrets

New Stratasys Video

The new Stratasys, formed by the merging of the original Stratasys and Objet continues to blend their brands into a cohesive slate of products. They’ve released a video illustrating their several product lines complete with startling examples of the possibilities, like the 3D printed car and others.    This is a very slick presentation, which… Continue reading New Stratasys Video

Point. Click. Gun.

A fascinating video detailing Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed initiative has been published by Motherboard: “Point. Click. Gun.”   In the 24 minute video Wilson takes you on a tour of his operations and deep into his philosophy on gun making. You’ll see his own workshop containing the very Objet Connex 3D printer used to print… Continue reading Point. Click. Gun.

Global TV Features 3D Printing

Chief Correspondent Carolyn Jarvis of Canada’s Global TV presented a very comprehensive look at today’s state of 3D printing on their current affairs show, “16×9”. We bring this to your attention as this is perhaps the most mature examination of the technology we’ve recently seen by the media, which recently has tended towards the spectacular,… Continue reading Global TV Features 3D Printing

Incredible 3D Fashion Video

There’s an increasing interest in 3D printed fashions, perhaps because of the novelty of 3D printing, but we suspect also because you’re able to create fashions that could otherwise not be manufactured. As wonderful as such fashion may be, it has been difficult for the public to understand it as 3D printed fashion shows are… Continue reading Incredible 3D Fashion Video

Inside Shapeways

Forbes’ Andy Greenberg was able to get inside Shapeways’ New York City production facility to interview Duann Scott. In the video, Scott explains to the layman the process used by Shapeways, which is different from the typical plastic extrusion used by personal 3D printers: powder sintering.    Scott explains that Shapeways includes a wide variety… Continue reading Inside Shapeways

BBC Newsnight Examines 3D Printing

This video from the BBC provides an introduction to 3D printing, including the process of being scanned and 3D printed. The video also considers the challenges that will inevitably arise when 3D printing becomes common, including object piracy and the transformation of manufacturing. There’s even a quick interview with designer Sir James Dyson, but the… Continue reading BBC Newsnight Examines 3D Printing

Objet’s Flexy Materials

An interesting video from Objet shows off many of their latest materials. While many Fabbaloo readers have 3D printers capable of printing in hard plastic, the items in this video demonstrate what can be achieved when you are able to print in flexible material.    Oh, did we say that Objet has an almost perfectly… Continue reading Objet’s Flexy Materials

Form 1 Spotted!

The folks at Engadget spotted the elusive Form 1 resin-based personal 3D printer in the wild at London’s 3D Printshow and managed to capture a short video of it in action.    In the video you can see the machine’s laser fusing each layer of an exquisite 3D print, slowly emerging from the photo-curable resin.… Continue reading Form 1 Spotted!

Slic3r Author Interviewed

RepRap’s Josef Prusa recently interviewed Slic3r author Alessandro Ranellucci in Prague.   Ranellucci initially used Skeinforge to prepare his 3D models for printing, as did most small scale 3D printers of the day. Like everyone else, Ranellucci was baffled by the monstrously complex parameterization of Skeinforge when trying to print small architectural models on a ShaperCube. He… Continue reading Slic3r Author Interviewed

Microsoft’s Secret 3D Printing Lab

Joshua Topolsky toured Microsoft’s product design lab on video. The lab uses a triplet of Objet 3D printers to produce prototypes of Microsoft products, most notably Mice.     In the video Topolsky interviews Karsten Aagaard, User Experience Designer in Microsoft’s Hardware Group, who explains how the 3D printers can produce prototypes that can be… Continue reading Microsoft’s Secret 3D Printing Lab

Exclusive Video: 3D Printed Car Unveiled

Last night Fabbaloo attended the official unveiling of the Urbee 3D printed car, which we’ve covered previously. The Urbee is an ultra-efficient urban vehicle prototype that changes travel paradigm – and also engineering paradigms as its entire body was 3D printed using Stratasys 3D print services. Click the video above to see the unveiling, and… Continue reading Exclusive Video: 3D Printed Car Unveiled

David Kaplan Reveals the Wrench Truth

The other week controversy erupted when National Geographic published a short video in which physicist David Kaplan visited ZCorp HQ and apparently witnessed the incredible feat of 3D scanning a large wrench and replicating it – will all moving parts! We thought this might be slightly misleading, as you can’t scan-capture moving and internal parts… Continue reading David Kaplan Reveals the Wrench Truth

3D Printing Video Controversy

A 3D printing video from National Geographic went viral on the interwebs last week and quickly generated some controversy among 3D printing enthusiasts.    In the video, physicist David Kaplan visited ZCorp HQ to “find out whether they can print a crescent wrench”. Kaplan was shown a selection of amazing items printed on ZCorp devices,… Continue reading 3D Printing Video Controversy

3D Printed Roboworm

New Scientist reports that Engineer Jordan Boyle from the University of Leeds has developed a “Roboworm” that can be used to burrow into small spaces. Such a device would be invaluable for earthquake rescues, where victims might be trapped under tons of rubble.    While there are existing devices that can probe rubble piles, the… Continue reading 3D Printed Roboworm

A 3D Printer Made of LEGO?

It’s true – Instructables user graphmastur has designed a RepRap-style 3D printer entirely out of LEGO parts. While he was obviously unable to attach a high-temp plastic extruder, he has included a common Sharpie marker pen instead. This enables the LEGO 3D printer to operate as a pen plotter.    Why is graphmastur doing this?… Continue reading A 3D Printer Made of LEGO?

The World’s Smallest Stop Motion Video

Nokia Cellscope: a very simple combination of a Nokia phone and a microscope, capable of seeing very small things at low cost. The idea is to enable those in third world countries to perform basic microscopy – and then instantly transmit results for expert analysis elsewhere.     To celebrate the development of the Cellscope,… Continue reading The World’s Smallest Stop Motion Video

Calling Makers: Emergency Dome Needed!

We wondered what Effalo’s next project might be, and now we know for certain: It’s a much larger geodesic dome, apparently to be used in a music video. Unfortunately, according to Michael Felix, principal of MakerFactory, they have less than two weeks to produce the dome and their extruder is broken! They’ve posted a series… Continue reading Calling Makers: Emergency Dome Needed!

Ten Year Old Speaks on 3D Printing

3D Printing always gets people excited whenever we mention it, and this excitement is all over. Consider the YouTube video of ten year old Schuyler St. Leger speaking at Ignite Phoenix, in which he describes with some passion his thoughts on 3D printing and the maker community. His hugely entertaining talk is definitely worth viewing. … Continue reading Ten Year Old Speaks on 3D Printing

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Printing Musical Instruments

Tipster Jb pointed us at a video of a rather startling project: Printing a complete musical instrument. In this case, MIT Media Lab researcher Amit Zoran attempted to print an entire and working flute in one operation. We’re not sure if printing an object of this complexity has ever been attempted before; we’ve seen some… Continue reading Printing Musical Instruments

Jeffrey Lipton Explains 3D Printing

3D Printing researcher Jeffrey Lipton delivers a 5 minute talk introducing 3D printing at Ignite Ithaca. Jeffrey works on the Fab@Home project, one of several open source 3D printer development initiatives.    In the talk Lipton explains in a rather excited manner that the introduction of 3D printing technology will produce another manufacturing revolution, transitioning… Continue reading Jeffrey Lipton Explains 3D Printing


Have you ever used form.Z for preparing 3D models? As shown in this video, it’s fully capable of doing so. form.z is known for its 3D modeling capability, but it also includes features enabling exporting model files to formats suitable for 3D printing. This video demonstrates some of the 3D printing features, including fixing up… Continue reading FormZ

A Rapid RapMan

How hard is it to build a RapMan? The very popular 3D printer DIY kit has been built by many people but here’s an opportunity for you to see it done in only 2 minutes and 53 seconds. No, it wasn’t actually built that quickly, but the video link below shows a time lapse of… Continue reading A Rapid RapMan

The Manufacturing Revolution Visualized

There’s a great animation made specifically for the FULL PRINT3D exhibition by DHUB http://www.dhub-bcn.cat/ that visualizes what we think might happen in the future when 3D printing becomes widespread. Two images in the animation resonate strongly with us:    The scene of billions of mass-manufactured cups representing what must be behind virtually every object we… Continue reading The Manufacturing Revolution Visualized

FOC’s Punch Bag

Watch this video showing the process of creating Janne Kyttanen’s highly fashionable 3D printed Punch Bag. This unusual fashion item was printed on an EOS 3D Printer and after cleaning, is complete, flexible and ready to be used. Interesting aspect: the print run also produces a heart-shaped gift box for the bag.     Via… Continue reading FOC’s Punch Bag

3D Printer Reproduces Itself: Pictures at Ten!

We know that a RepRap can (mostly) reproduce itself, but have you ever actually seen this happen? Pictures or it didn’t happen!    Now we can see this process when Gavilan Steinman of onshoulders.tv takes a Darwin RepRap printer to produce parts to build a new RepRap Mendel 3D printer. Then (thankfully in high-speed motion,… Continue reading 3D Printer Reproduces Itself: Pictures at Ten!

The Future of 3D Printing

Here’s an interesting 50 minute video from the Singularlity University by Scott Summit who speaks of many topics of interesting to our readers. Highlights of the “OK, So You Can Create Anything. Now What?” Talk:   Introduction to the concept of Mass Production – how the making of things became cheap Some things are simply… Continue reading The Future of 3D Printing

Wujec on 3D Printing

Tom Wujec, Fellow at AutoDesk, spoke at the Thinking Digital event earlier this year. In a video of his fascinating talk, Tom speaks of the nature of emerging technologies, specifically tech evolution and tech possibilities.   He describes a special moment in the evolution of technology where the previously “impossible”, suddenly becomes possible. This is… Continue reading Wujec on 3D Printing

Materialise Touts 3D Printing Services Over Hobby 3D Printers

Ok, that might be totally predictable: a big 3D print services vendor promotes the use of services instead of using your own low-cost 3D printer (such as a RepRap, RapMan or MakerBot). Here’s their take:    If you happen to be a ‘maker’, and love the creative experience like we do, then you definitely welcome… Continue reading Materialise Touts 3D Printing Services Over Hobby 3D Printers

Erik’s Wedding Topper

Netherlands-based personal fabrication researcher Erik de Bruijn recently got a chance to link his research area with personal life by creating a wedding cake ornament on his 3D printer for his own wedding!  The project involved searching Google 3D Warehouse (unsuccessfully), preparing a 3D model (available on Thingiverse) and printing both pieces (bride and groom… Continue reading Erik’s Wedding Topper

The Vitraglyphic Process: Revealed

A wonderful video from Doctoral Student Meghan Trainor and Professor Mark Ganter of the University of Washington shows the entire process of producing 3D printed ceramics. The initial fragile print made from a glass powder formula is placed into a furnace for firing and solidification.    An ongoing issue with the process, which is still… Continue reading The Vitraglyphic Process: Revealed

The Glass Car

An amazing video shows a behind the scenes look at the creation of a glass car – no kidding! It’s almost completely made of glass. Shell Oil wanted to really show everyone how their engine oil works by making a see-through car, including, of course, the engine itself. The engine turns over, and you can… Continue reading The Glass Car

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RepRap Explained

Dr. Adrian Bowyer of the University of Bath and the father of the RepRap 3D printer takes us on a video tour of RepRap, including the new Mendel RepRap model. Bowyer speaks enthusiastically on the device, tools for 3D modelling and 3D model repositories.    The Mendel RepRap is physically smaller than its predecessor model,… Continue reading RepRap Explained

Alumide Examples

Joris of Shapeways posted a video showing off several sample 3D prints using Shapeway’s new Alumide material. The semi-metallic material, while less strong than other build materials offered, seems to convey quite a different character to the printed objects. They no longer look and feel like “plain old plastic”.    The video includes several truly… Continue reading Alumide Examples

The Khan Academy

During the course of your 3D object design, you might require some knowledge you don’t have, or perhaps have forgotten. Don’t worry – there’s a free service you can use to catch up: The Khan Academy. It’s a website jammed full of great short videos on a wide variety of topics, including many scientific areas… Continue reading The Khan Academy

Sweet Onion Dwelling

The nice people at Sweet Onion Creations focus on building highly realistic 3D architectural models, often making heavy use of 3D printing technology. They’ve posted a video of how they go about the build process, which combines advanced 3D printing with many conventional model building techniques. In the video they construct an amazingly detailed model… Continue reading Sweet Onion Dwelling

Aflac Duck uses 3D Printing

Well, not the duck specifically – but in a Winter Olympics Aflac advertisement, the exasperated Aflac duck snowboards down a mountain – using helmet and bindings printed on an Objet 3D printer. One can imagine typical snowboard bindings don’t account for webbed feet, and they obviously had to be custom made. This is not the… Continue reading Aflac Duck uses 3D Printing

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Wallpaper’s 30 Concept Houses

Wallpaper commissioned 30 concept houses for the 4th International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam. They felt their exhibit would best show the concepts by having actual 3D models on display. The DMC (Digital Manufacturing Centre) London produced these models for 30 different architectural clients for the exhibition. 3D design files were obtained from the architects and… Continue reading Wallpaper’s 30 Concept Houses

Animation with 3D Printing

It has been done before, with Coraline, but now a post from Creative Review walks us through how the title sequence for Dutch TV programme “Het Klokhuis” (“The Apple Core”) was created.  The process involved printing numerous objects corresponding to frames of the sequence, which were then placed on a mini-stage and recorded. Animation… Continue reading Animation with 3D Printing

The Tyee on 3D Printing

There’s a long article introducing 3D printing concepts appearing at The Tyee, a British Columbia-based electronic newsmagazine: “The Replicator, No Longer a Star Trek Dream”. The article contains interviews with Neil Gershenfeld, Director of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, Adrian Bowyer, inventor of the RepRap, Fab Lab users, a RepRap owner, University of Missouri… Continue reading The Tyee on 3D Printing

Bre Prettis at 26C3

The 26th Chaos Communication Congress (26C3) took place in late December in Berlin and offered a multitude of topics from the hacker world. One of the speakers was Bre Prettis of MakerBot, whose speech entitled, “Peanut Butter and Plastic: Industrial Revolution” focused on “decentralized manufacturing and desktop fabrication”.    Bre speaks on many things during… Continue reading Bre Prettis at 26C3

Cathy Lewis On Daily Planet

  Cathy Lewis, former CEO of Desktop Factory and now VP of Global Marketing for 3D Systems, recently made an appearance on Discovery Channel Canada’s Daily Planet science news show.   In the short interview, Cathy explains the basics of 3D printing and displays a variety of different printed objects, including one with moving parts.… Continue reading Cathy Lewis On Daily Planet