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Posable 3D Models From CADHuman

SolidSmack reports on CADHuman's new posable 3D models, which are highly detailed 3D models that can be adjusted into various positions. This differs from the more common experience of non-posable models that invariably are not in the specific pose you need. The models currently include:
  • Male & female figures
  • Human male head
  • Posable hands
  • Male skeleton
  • Human heart
  • Teeth and gums
These high-quality models are not free; in fact, they are quite expensive, ranging from USD$99 for the Teeth to USD$599 for the Human Heart. They're provided in several high-end 3D model formats, including Solidworks, Parasolid, IGES, STEP, ACIS and Rhino. 
If you've got some cash and a 3D printer, this might be a great way to very quickly produce a very high-quality print of a unique shape. 

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