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This Week's 3D Systems Acquisition Is . . .

Print3D Corporation! They've been acquired by industry giant 3D Systems, who are now even giganticker. But what exactly does Print3D do? They are an industrial 3D printing parts service with a unique capability: they have a plug-in for CAD software to provide additional 3D printing features. 
Here's what their plug-in does: 
The Print3D plug-in adds a new menu item called Print3D to the File menu of your CAD application. Just like the Print command, the Print3D dialogue box pops up. Instantly, the software gives you guaranteed prototype quotes on every component you have open in CAD. Just like you can alter the page setup on a document, the Print3D interface lets you easily change the orientation of your part for 3D printing, select process, material, finish, delivery options – and see your price change in real time.
The plug-in also can package up your 3D model and ship it to Print3D's array of 3D printers for production. 
We're wondering why 3D Systems would acquire yet another 3D print service, having already scooped up Proveln, QuickParts and 3DProParts - and already owning their own huge print service. Clearly, they're trying to build up a massive marketshare lead over their competition - If there are any significant competitors remaining! Ok, there are, but there's definitely a pattern emerging here. 
But there's another reason to snap up Print3D, besides the fact that Print3D is founded by the same fellow that founded SYCODE, a previous 3D Systems acquisition: their plugin software could be adapted for use by all of these print services. Imagine all 3D modeling software having a way to send models directly to one (or all) of 3D Systems' parts services at the touch of a button. Now that could generate a tad more printing business, we suspect. 

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