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The Objet260 Connex Hints at Future Collision

Objet has announced a new commercial 3D printer: the Objet260 Connex. This device is intended to be used in office scenarios, as it is slightly smaller and less expensive than its big brother, the Objet 350 Connex. The new printer is quite similar to the 350, as it seems to share many of the internal mechanicals: the print resolution is identical (600x600x1600 dpi), materials used are almost the same, both devices have 8 print heads, Objet's simultaneous two-material printing capability, etc. But what are the differences? 
  • The 260 has a smaller build chamber of 255x252x200 mm, versus 342x350x200 mm for the 350
  • The machine's dimensions are smaller: 87x74x120 cm, versus the 350's 142x112x113 cm
  • The 260's weight is only 264Kg, while the 350 weighs in at a massive 500Kg
So this device is essentially a cut-down 350 offered at a lower price. Here's what's really interesting: the 350 was actually a smaller version of a previous larger Objet 3D printer, the Connex500. Is there a trend here? We think we're actually observing the shift of commercial 3D printer manufacturers towards the low end. Meanwhile, the low-end 3D printer manufacturers are slowly building up the capabilities of their devices. Collision imminent!
Via Objet

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