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Exclusive Video: 3D Printed Car Unveiled

Last night Fabbaloo attended the official unveiling of the Urbee 3D printed car, which we've covered previously. The Urbee is an ultra-efficient urban vehicle prototype that changes travel paradigm - and also engineering paradigms as its entire body was 3D printed using Stratasys 3D print services. Click the video above to see the unveiling, and be sure to watch in HD.
The Urbee's design is significantly different from typical vehicles of today as it uses eight times less power to drive the vehicle by leveraging aerodynamics, material science, electric power and social factors. 
In the video you'll see Lead Designer David Bernhardt pull off the cover to unveil the sleek prototype vehicle in front of project leader Jim Kor, who apparently had not seen the vehicle since it had been painted and buffed to a gleaming shine. Also visible in the crowd is Stratasys CEO Scott Crump. 
The Urbee project hopes to develop the vehicle further by fine tuning the interior and eventually moving to production mode. 

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