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CNET Names MakerBot's Replicator Best of CES

CES has now closed and the media now reports on their observations. CNET produced a list of their "best 10 of CES". On the list was the MakerBot Replicator personal 3D printer, winner of the "Best emerging tech product" category. Why the MakerBot instead of its competitor the 3D Systems Cube? According to CNET:
We saw two promising 3D printers at the show, but the the MakerBot Replicator one-ups the rival Cube 3D with "dualstrusion" technology, meaning it can print objects in multiple colors and materials. 
True, but we think there are a lot more considerations than just that. Nevertheless, the Replicator is a great representative of 3D printing tech to show alongside of CNET's other choices, which include car tech, cell phone, camera, home theatre, computer, software, networking, tablet and TV. It seems 3D printing is moving towards becoming one of those permanent, well-known categories. That can only be good - and congratulations to MakerBot! 

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