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Send To Print/ Print To Send

We previously mentioned the exhibition at London's Aram Gallery entitled "Send To Print/ Print To Send", in which artists explore the possibilities using 3D printing technology. We just found a bit more information about this event. 
ArtsThread discusses the opportunity and as in other industries, the Arts can use 3D printing for custom, one-of-a-kind productions. One of the artists, Riccardo Bovo has codified this approach into a system that produces a custom lampshade based on user input. He says: 
The design is constantly redefined in shape by the user with the system and at any moment is ready for production. The time between design phase and production phase therefore drops to zero.
There's much more at the link below. Meanwhile, we're wondering whether the artist explorations might eventually collide with patents pending by some of the service bureaus, who may see these experiments as infringement. 

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