Design of the Week: Humming

Design of the Week: HummingThis week’s selection is Eric van Straaten’s “Humming” Statuette. 
With the simple description, “Girl holding a hummingbird”, van Straaten’s statuette clearly demonstrates the power of color 3D printing. Polychemy says:  
Eric van Straaten is a Hyper Surreal artist and a noteable 3D Print artist and sculptor. His work has been featured in high-end art fairs around the world.Only a few specialize in 3D Printing in color and there is no artist who pushes the boundaries of colorized 3D-prints as far as Eric van Straaten does.
van Straaten’s work includes a large number of similarly beautiful sculptures, many of which can be viewed on his website. If you want to purchase a 15cm (6 inch) tall print of “Humming”, you may do so at Polychemy at a cost of USD$2,500. 
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