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Cubify's Bugdroids

3D Systems' Cubify service announced yet another 3D model creation service: Bugdroids! The new service joins several existing services that enable anyone to create fun 3D models directly from your browser. 
Like their previously released Robot Nation app, Bugdroids permits tons of droid customization, including various structural adornments as well as colored stamps. 
Wait a second, you ask "why colored stamps when my home 3D printer cannot print multicolored items?" 
That's because you cannot download the 3D model generated by Bugdroids and print it on your own device. Your only option is to buy a printed copy using Cubify's massive 3D print service. We think this is a very reasonable approach, since you couldn't really print the Bugdroids properly unless you happened to have a commercial-sized ZCorp color 3D printer in the vicinity. 
The other Cubify creation apps, namely Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Tags, UFOs, Spaceships, Crowns and Drivers Licenses still existing and are quite able to deliver you a great 3D model suitable for 3D printing on your own machine. 
Via Cubify

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