Design of the Week: Holy (USB) Hand

Design of the Week: Holy (USB) HandOccasionally great designs can happen accidentally. This week’s selection is the “Holy (USB) Hand” by Newcastle University’s Dr. Javier Munguia’s team of three mechanical engineering students. 
The origins of the hand were practical: the team required a “hand” to test an experimental wrist splint concept and prepared a “hand” model to print on their BFB 3D Touch printer. Then it got interesting when they chose clear PLA as the material and embedded an inexpensive LED at the bottom. 
Design of the Week: Holy (USB) HandAccording to Dr. Munguia:
Somebody had the idea to put a tiny LED lamp inside and it was just a success! Now officially, we have the “Holy (USB) hand” in our desk… or it could be “the evil hand”?
Either way, we like it. 
Via Picasa
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