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A 3D Printer Invades a High School

At Dublin Coffman High School in the not-quite metropolis of Dublin, Ohio (population 41,751) you'll find a 3D printer. It's not a massive color, multi material, commercial 3D printer. It's merely a hobby 3D printer built from scratch for USD$600. But it's impact will be far more than any commercial 3D printer. 
Teacher Jim Roscoe managed to combine some parts 3D printed on another printer with USD$600 worth of electronics and other parts to produce a usable, albeit basic, 3D printer for the school. After a month of calibration, the device is now producing parts reliably. 
That's not the magic. The magic is the students in the school who are now exposed to the technology. Their creativity will lead to unknown uses for the new machine and inspire their imaginations for years to come. Even better, the machine can be used to produce parts for more 3D printers that could be used in other schools, spreading the knowledge of this amazing technology. 
Teachers, if this can be done in Dublin, Ohio, it can be done in your school too. 

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