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Stratasys Completes Merger with Objet

After an overly long journey through regulations and legalities, two 3D printing industry giants Objet and Stratasys have completed their merger. 
The new company, which will be among the largest in the industry, will be known as Stratasys, with dual headquarters in both Minnesota (former Stratasys HQ) and Israel (former Objet HQ). 
The new Stratasys has not only the advantage of combined revenues and client base, but also of their technologies. Between the two they now have three major 3D printing technologies: FDM (Stratasys' Fused Deposition Modeling), PolyJet (Objet's multi-material printing tech) and Solidscape (thermo-plastic wax printing).
Where will the New Stratasys go? One thing we noticed was the leadership of the new entity. Consider this statement from their press release:
David Reis, former chief executive officer of Objet, has assumed the role of chief executive officer; Erez Simha, former chief operations officer and chief financial officer of Objet, has assumed the role of chief operations officer (IL) and chief financial officer; Scott Crump, co-founder and former chief executive officer of Stratasys, Inc., has become full-time executive chairman of the board; and Elchanan Jaglom, formerly chairman of Objet, is serving as the full-time chairman of the executive committee.
There's a lot of Objet in that list and less from the former Stratasys. We suspect this means the new company will increasingly focus on the Objet technologies. This makes sense to us as the FDM patents are expired or expiring. 

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