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DAZ Studio, Bryce and Hexagon Available for Free!

DAZ 3D has a spectacular offer on now for some 3D tools that readers may find of interest. These three software tools retail for over USD$800 and are apparently available at no charge through February. 
The tools include: 
  • DAZ Studio Pro 4 - A tool for designing and animating human shapes and related objects
  • Bryce 7 Pro - Can produce breathtaking landscapes and background scenes
  • Hexagon 2.5 - A 3D modeling tool
It's a great deal, but perhaps not so useful for 3D printer owners, as it appears to be difficult to produce solid shapes with Hexagon, the 3D modeling tool of the set. Nevertheless, Hexagon can export STL format and offers quite a variety of organic shape modeling tools. 
Can't argue with free, though. 

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