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3D Systems Deploys Print3D

Industry giant 3D Systems acquired software plugin maker Print3D in April last year and this week saw 3D Systems announce the technical outcome of that acquisition: Print3D is now released as a free plugin for major 3D modeling tools for direct integration with 3D Systems' print services. 

Instead of exporting your 3D model and then importing it into their 3D print services, you can now link directly from within the 3D modeling software. This means you can significantly shorten your workflow because the plugin will provide instant price quotes, permitting you to adapt your model immediately. 

The software plugin is available today for the following major 3D modeling tools: Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and Alibre Design. We suspect they'll be adding more to the list in the future. 

Via 3D Systems and Print3D (Hat tip to James)

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