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The Useful iPod Nano Watchband

You've no doubt seen those squarish iPod Nano's in the Apple Store. They're so square that someone long ago thought they'd be easily transformed into a Dick Tracy-style watch by merely adding a band. And so it went, until Fernando Sosa decided to improve the design using 3D printing. 
Sosa has produced an Instructable that shows how to build a Nanoband that not only holds the Nano, but also the earpiece cords! The design has small knobs around which the cords can be wound and spots to snap in the earpieces themselves. 
The instructable is quite useful as it explains several "gotcha's" that you'd run into. Fortunately, Sosa has already done so and documented it all for you. Oh yes, he'd also appreciate your vote on his submission. 
Via Instructables (Hat tip to Snowbear)

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