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Hear and Feel Your Favorite Sounds

This is interesting - Shapeways has teamed up with online Sound sharing site SoundCloud to produce  "The Vibe" a very unique 3D model creator. From your SoundCloud account you can select your favorite sound, perhaps a song or yourself speaking. This sound's waveform is automatically transformed into a visible representation of the wave as the back side of an iPhone case 3D model. 
Of course, you then print the generated 3D model at the Shapeways 3D print service in a material of your choice. 
We think this is yet another terrific way for general public to gain access to 3D printing technology. All too often enthusiastic folks take a step towards 3D printing but collide with the big barrier of 3D design. While some people can overcome that barrier and learn how to develop their own 3D models, many cannot. Services such as this from Shapeways are essential to growing access to 3D printing. 

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